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Our services for your website:

  • We will create and manage a fully customized Pay per click campaigns which will make sure that it drives the targeted audience to your site.
  • These campaigns will also help you to build your brand.
  • We make sure that all campaigns & ad groups are themed & segregated enough properly which will ultimately result in ads getting clicked driving the visitor to our targeted landing page.
  • After a brief discussion We will set up and manage a cost-effective strategy for a profitable return on your amount spend on pay per click campaigns.
  • We will make sure that your promotion through Pay per click campaigns reaches to the large number relevant audience possible
  • As per your requirement We can also combine both my services (Pay per click advertising & Search Engine Optimization) to further optimize your website promotion.

Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay per click also known as PPC Advertising, is as the name implies a form paid form of promotion on search engines.It helps in generating traffic for any website. This advertising requires assistance of search engine websites. A website owner makes certain advertisements for his business. These ads requires approval from respective search engine’s expert team. After getting approval, these ads go live for the keywords specified by the respective manager. This model of advertising is based on the understanding that website owner agrees to pay certain amount to the ad broadcasting search engine.

The amount which the website owner pays to search engine is proportional to the existing competition on the keywords specified. This competition comes into force obviously from the competitors’ sites.

Mostly these search engines have their own network of websites involving various topic based website. This network is also referred as content network of that search engine site.content These advertisements can be hosted on search engines or on content based websites. These websites charge specific amount mostly through search engines.

How Pay Per Click works:

  • Creating ads for a website
  • Broadcasting ads on the search engines.
  • Driving most probably targeted audience to the website every time they click on ad.
  • Payment to the search engines for the clicks received.
  • Monitoring the performance of pay per click campaigns through reviewing performance reports on weekly or daily basis.
  • Optimizing the pay per click campaigns on various levels like campaign / ad group / keyword.


  • In case of pay per click campaigns, every click your ad receives costs money. Therefore, it is very easy to blow your budget in case of very poor management of your PPC Campaigns.
  • Targeting very generic keywords can drive to huge traffic of ‘clicks' but chances of actual conversion are rare.
  • In case of contextual ads, if the website analysis is not done properly then entire efforts display campaign won’t deliver any results.

Pay per click marketing

With our affordable, focused & effectively managed pay per click campaigns (PPC), helps you gaining 1000s of new customers.

  • Kick start your pay per click campaigns in short time like 1 week.
  • Why pay $400-$500 just for set up. We offer professional set up with starting amount as little as just $50

Result oriented yet affordable campaigns

We have been managing pay per click campaigns since 2007. By harnessing the power of the internet, our targeted, online marketing approach puts you firmly in control of your advertising campaign and budget. Whether you’re an independent local plumber, a regional bespoke furniture maker or even a nationwide car dealership – there’s a BT pay-per-click online marketing package to suit you.

With ongoing support, regular reports and performance reviews, BT will work with you to make your advertising campaign a success.

PPC campaign management is a detailed process which requires a lot of research and analysis. It's advised that you choose an Internet Marketing Company that offers professional PPC services and will get you the maximum Return On Investment (ROI).

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