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The setting up a Pay Per click campaigns involves lots of research. First of all, we will review your website completely. It includes inspecting all the elements / tabs of website. Such a thorough study, help us understand your business profile, product range & their respective features to be highlighted. This also involves deep research of online & offline competition. In this, for online competition, we review competition in the paid search on leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

After all of this, we actually start the process of setting up pay per click campaigns with:

Step 1 Keyword Research

  • This involves searching the key terms also called as ‘keywords’ which actually represents your products / services. Later on, we also study the competition on these keywords. It helps in understanding their objective of paid search marketing.
  • After research next part is analyzing the traffic & cost factor of these keywords.

The success of any ‘Pay per click campaign’ is always based on proper selection of appropriate keywords. Keywords are the soul of any ‘Pay per click campaign’ as the quality of keywords selection & theming of the keywords actually decides the fate of any campaign.

Apart from keywords research, there is something called NEGATIVE keywords research & creation. It helps in blocking the unwanted traffic. For example, if you are promoting some custom made gold jewellery, so if you don’t have negative keywords like with suffix or prefix of “silver” then your ad may get triggered even though you are not dealing with any silver jewellery. To avoid such traffic, we add certain keywords with negative match type so that for such keywords your ad won’t be triggered.

Step 2: Writing ad copies

  Based on the keywords short listed, compelling advertisements are written for your PPC campaign by our experts. Attractive and effectively written ad copies attract user’s attention & results in more number of clicks i.e. drive more visitors. More visitors mean more sales, more conversions.

  • A compelling Ad copy is integral to your PPC campaign. It can either encourage customers to buy from you or shop with your competitor instead. You need effective PPC Ad copy that attracts, informs and converts.
  • Writing of an appropriate & attractive copy is absolutely compulsory to strike the interest of the search engine traffic.

Step 3: Competitive Analysis:

The secret to beat your competitors is to focus on your business USP that makes you stand out in the competition. This involves following things

  • Which keywords are they targeting?
  • How many competitors are seriously focussing on paid search?
  • Are your competitors utilising the excellent opportunity of pay per click advertising completely? Are they missing out big ticket opportunity?

Our expertise will make sure that you get most out of pay per click campaigns.

Step 4: Types of Ads

There are few types of ads pay per click campaigns rely on. We research for the most suitable ad format that will help you achieving expected results.

A) Sponsored Links:

These are the links that appear above or to the right side of a search engine’s results page every time a customer searches for a specific keyword, are called 'Sponsored link' and are a part of Pay Per Click campaigns. In this case the search engines charge you certain amount for each click received for keywords you are targeting.

Contextual Advertising:

The Google has its network of thousands of websites, on which Google shows its ads which are contextually targeted. These ads are contextually relevant to the content of that specific webpage of site. To explain, here is e.g. there is a website which generally posts recipes of various veg or non veg dishes. On this website, the Google will place ads of recipe books, cooking classes. These ads are very powerful tool for branding. Now a day, MNCs are promoting CSR contribution through contextual advertising, across the whole world.

Our expertise will make sure that you get most out of pay per click campaigns.

Step 5: Landing Page

As a part of website review, we thoroughly study of your website pages on which a visitor will be driven after Googling a specific keyword you have targeted. If required, we ask webmaster to modify webpage design or content to make it high quality entrance to the visitor. Such modifications may include, changing certain elements of the page or removing few fields from enquiry form, so that form will be easy to fill for the user. The ultimate goal of landing page review is to make it as much as possible.

Step 6: Monitoring with the help of Google Analytics

Apart from reporting, there is one more way of tracking available for pay per click professionals. It is called as Google analytics. It helps in tracking the visitor’s behaviour patterns on landing page & rest of the site, very closely. It helps in tracking visitor’s path from landing page to thank you page after sign up/ purchase/ form submission etc. It helps us in analysing performance of Adwords campaigns on micro level like on keyword level.

Step 7: Reporting

We will provide weekly performance reports to you. These report includes information about number of impressions, clicks received, costs associated with these clicks. This ultimately leads to the success of pay per click campaigns. Basically it helps in calculating RoI (Return on Investment). We review you pay per click campaigns on daily basis & collect critical traffic data then compare & analyze it with data received from Google analytics. It helps us in understanding the visitor’s reaction after landing on the website.

Step 8: Bidding

  • After deep research, we select theme & create keywords based on that specific theme. We group these keywords on the basis of theme. This group is called as ad group.
  • After ad group creation, we send them for your approval.
  • After receiving approval, we upload them into Google Adwords account. In Adwords, every keyword is assigned first page bid.
  • These first page bids are assigned on the basis of quality assigned by Google Adwords.
  • Every time a search query is entered which is a part your Adwords account, the keywords goes through something called as auction. The position of ad is proportional to assigned after calculating quality score & maximum cpc assigned to the specific keyword. These first page bids keep on changing frequently. That’s why we keep an eye on it on daily basis.

Step 9: Budgeting your campaign

Our team will provide you an estimate which will include details like expected number of clicks & costs associated with it. This will be availed to you on keyword level. As per we can discuss & decide the monthly budget.

Advice: The management of pay per click campaigns involves lots of research. It's a paid form of advertising. We advice every business owner to hire a internet marketing professional who will manage both pay per click campaigns & search engine optimization part as well to minimise the management costs associated with it.

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