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Facebook Advertising

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PPC SEO have benefitted a lot by managing ad campaigns for small, mid & large sized businesses. As per the demands of our clients, we have started managing Facebook marketing on commercial level.

Benefits of Facebook advertising :


  • Our clients of have preferred PPC SEO over others for expertise and specialized domain knowledge. PPCSEO specialize in Facebook Advertising which helped clients for building brand for their products & services. At PPCSEO, with minimal possible costs, we help our clients in generating business enquiry. In case of certain business profile, they only branding, which drives customers to the client’s store.

  Saving Time

  • Working with PPCEO can save your valuable time for business. Hiring PPCSEO means that you and your staff are not required to spend time in creating & managing Facebook ad campaigns. This is must, if you do not have in house specialist staff for Facebook advertising work. Creating & managing Facebook campaigns (without prior experience) by your self, can not offer you expected results even after spending huge amounts. At PPCSEO, we have a team of professional with years of experience, who create & manage campaigns of your business website.

 Lower management Costs

  • In general, it is believed that consulting an external agency costs alot, but with PPCSEO be assured about costs. Our clients have saved lot of money through our ad placement skills. Many clients who have switched to PPCSEO have requested to optimiza the performance of existing set up of Facebook advertising campaigns. Such kind of optimizations, results in huge savings for the clients. In this, we redesign ad campaigns or change the targeted audience etc. Such technique help results in saving your business more money.

 Tracking Performance

  • At PPCSEO, we inform our clients about the latest performance through email with reports attached. This report includes the details like clicks received, amount spenr, enquiries received etc. This helps client understand, how his business is benefitted through facebook advertising.

Pricing :

We offer assured services to our clients, at very reasonable costs. For pricing related details just fill up the enquiry form, we will get in touch with you shortly.

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