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Advantges of SEO

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Advantages of Search Engine Optimization:

  • Better rank in SERP: A disciplined approach of SEO practices makes sure that your website gets ranked on the first search engine results pages (SERP) helping your targeted visitors to reach your website easily.
  •  Goal completion: Our honest efforts of optimizing your website makes sure that the visitors reaching your website completing the goal set by you like free trial, enquiry form, sale, brochure download etc.
  • Better ranked than Competitor: Our white hat seo techniques of SEO will make sure that your business is getting ranked better than that of your competitor’s website in Google’s result pages. Making your web presence stronger with more web traffic driven leading to more sales.
  • Improved Brand awareness: With search engine optimization of your website, we drive volume of visitors from organic results of search engines like Google, yahoo, msn. The visibility of your company’s brand gets major trigger from SEO.
  • Accessible to mass: After proper optimization, site starts getting ranked towards the first page positions. Research reports shows that any user using Google prefer only 1st page results. Only few percentage of users, go beyond first 10 results of organic results. So we can say, if a website is optimized properly then we can expect immense increase in traffic to website driven through organic listing of the website.

How we help our client:

 Step 1:Understanding nature of your business

  • We every business has its own brand, achievements, needs & requirements. That’s the reason; we perform a thorough study of your business.
  • We study how your website is helping visitors to find the required products/services. In the long run, our white hat seo techniques make sure your site is getting indexed properly & it delivers the expected results.

Step 2: Strategy building

  • After deep study of your site, together with client, we design a strategy that involves step by step execution of both ‘on page optimization ‘ & ‘off page optimization’ of your website.

Step 3: Keyword Analysis:

  • The task of website study involves studying content & keywords (highly relavant keywords). We study relevancy of these keywords with nature of your business & associated products/services. If required, we suggest certain changes in the content of the site & keywords too.
  • After discussion with client, we also perform keyword research to refine the best keywords for your website. The criteria for these keywords are relevancy & search volume.

Step 4: Competitors Analysis -

  • To understand competition, we conduct a detailed competitor review. It helps in finding out the competitors, the keywords they are targeting, their position/rank in search engine result pages of major search engine websites. This analysis helps in designing a strategy that will bring client’s website better than competitor’s website.

Step 5: Recommendations for Website (technical)

  • We also perform a thorough technical check of client’s website & if required we give suggestions to the client accordingly.
  • Later on, we create necessary tags like meta tags, description tags.
  • If required we also suggest certain changes that will make website easy to navigate.

Step 6: Link Building

  • Link building is very crucial in the process of optimization of any site. Our team will make sure that we offer high quality link building for your website.

Step 7: Directory submission:

  • We have shortlisted a list of directories which offer wonderful results for the website submitted with them

Step 8: Monitoring and Optimization

  • The process of search engine optimization of website is SEO is a ongoing process & may require a time of few months time to deliver targeted results It requires continuous monitoring and performing some optimization tasks, time to time. It helps in gaining better rank while dealing technological changes from search engines’ spiders.
  • We work together with clients to help them win in SERPs. We regularly communicate performance of website to the client on monthly basis or as per need.

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